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    Corporation Tax is a tax on the taxable profits of limited companies and other organisations including clubs, societies, associations and other unincorporated bodies. This guide gives you a basic overview of Corporation Tax. It tells you what Corporation Tax is, who's liable and what you must do and when if you are subject to Corporation Tax requirements. It outlines how the tax is calculated and what the tax rates are..
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  • Payroll
    We are here to make payroll management run smoothly for you. From getting your first timesheet, doing wages and salaries to producing the year-end financial reports.
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    Tailored Accounting Services
    Applemed Ltd we provide the bespoke accountancy services designed specifically for professionals who work or want to provide their services through limited companies.
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Corporation tax - total trading costs for any corporation...


  • Corporate / Companies
    includes aspects like PAYE, VAT, Registering your company, Statutory Accounts, Corporate Tax Returns and so much more..
  • Individual
    All aspects of personal self-assessment and the related Tax returns, Tax Credits, Correspondence with HMRC and Self Assesment....more
  • Tax and your business.
    Whether you qualify for tax credits depends on your personal circumstances (such as your age, if you work or have children) and your total income. more
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